Scale your startup to
North America

Scale in North America

Our mission is to help passionate entrepreneurs from around the world scale to North America through Canada.


Unlike traditional incubators and accelerators which typically are stretched too thin, we are hands on and highly selective, focusing purely on product market fit and raising your next round of capital.


We focus on developing a tailored business strategy for the North American market


Go-to market strategy




Strategic partnerships




Technology consulting


Investment & fundraising

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    Our Programmes*

    We run different programs to help international startups to enter the North American and global markets.


    In addition we have a corporate program designed for international medium and large corporations looking to be a part of our Innovation Centre.

    Stage 1.

    Scaleup Bootcamp Program
    (Market Validation)

    Stage 2.

    Softlanding Program
    (Market Entry)

    Stage 3.

    Startup Visa Program

    About the Programme*


    LabEight* is a venture initiative that works with organisations & startups in bringing their products to market and help them lift-off.


    We co-invest with both brilliant Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs who are looking to setup & scale into North America, quickly iterate & learn from their customers and grow & evolve their product.

    LabEight* is in the business of identifying mavericks and their innovative ideas at the forefront of technology and unleashing them on the world.


    With a unique RD&C (research, develop, consult) approach. We commercialise raw technology at the cutting-edge by partnering with clients early on to identify their unique industry pain points and to tailor-fit solutions.

    Let's Talk*

    We understand that you may not have answers for all our questions, but by opening up a conversation, together we will be able to brainstorm the solution you would like to build, help you think about your model and much more.

    Fill out the startup intro form linked below, and we’ll take it from there.

    Get in Touch*