Pitch to Silicon Valley Investors

Pitch to Silicon Valley Angel and VC investors at the PitchForce monthly live virtual events

Pitch to Silicon Valley Angel and VC investors at the PitchForce Toronto and EU/UK.

PitchForce has landed in Canada, UK and Europe.

Sign up to participate in the PitchForce Toronto and EU/UK events to build personal relationships with Silicon Valley investors, get outstanding personalized feedback, and access to world class marketing, sales, and technology talent.

Over the past 10 years, the weekly PitchForce events across North America have helped Angel, Seed and Series A founders pitch directly to Silicon Valley Investors.

Our Process

Each PitchForce event gives eight to ten companies an opportunity to present their company and business model to Silicon Valley Angel and early stage VC investors.
The event agenda goes like this:

Elevator Pitch

  • 1 Minute Elevator Pitch: Each company delivers a 1 minute elevator pitch to the panelists.
  • The Panel Votes: After each 1 minute elevator pitch, the panel votes on a scale of 1-5 as to how much they like the company.

4 Minute Pitch

  • 4 Minute Presentations: The top 5 vote getters each make a four-minute presentation. Each 4 Minute presentation is followed by four minutes of question and answers, and then by eight to ten minutes of non-rebuttal panel feedback and recommendations for presentation improvement.
  • The Panel Votes Again: Finally, the panelists vote on the quality of each four minute presentation and the probability for successfully winning financing.

Participating in the PitchForce events provides entrepreneurs with the training, practice, and presentation opportunities they need to compete for, and win, growth financing.


The PitchForce Toronto and PitchForce EU/UK events are a partnership between LabEight* and PitchForce (by People Connect).

Over the past 10 years, PitchForce (pitch-force.com) has held weekly pitch events for high tech, clean tech, medical device and biotech startup entrepreneurs interested in pitching to a panel of distinguished Silicon Valley angel investors and VCs.

PitchForce is run by People Connect, a recruitment and staffing agency that connects promising companies with the talented people who can bring their business to the next level.