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About LabEight* Studio

LabEight Studio is a technology studio that provides UK based founders with a tailor-made 8-week incubator program and supports with the development of their MVPs and early products aiding them on their path to validation, traction and growth.

A subsidiary of LabEight*, a venture firm that supports early stage startups with personalized incubation and acceleration programs, operations and human capitals and investment.

Applications open!

Applications for the 8-week London-based, Launch MVP program are now open.

Program Tracks*

Join the 8-week London-based Launch MVP program. Apply to one of the specializations and develop your product with experts in your own industry.




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Our deep level of software development knowledge is why we focus on developing and scaling highly tech centric Early-Stage companies. We help bring innovative ideas to market and revenue at scale!

Our Services*

Program costs start at $10,000 and matched by LabEight* Studio in product development, advisory and marketing services. Why hire a freelancer when you can work with experienced founders and venture builders.

Ideation & Discovery

Product Design (UX/UI)

Product Development

Marketing & Growth

Advisory & Incubation

Program Offering*

MVP Development

Through our studio, we would be able to work with you on the design and development of your Minimum Viable Products (MVP). Embedding a team of experts that will help shape turn your vision into reality, build a product that will be the building block to help you scale and grow.

Tailor-Made Program

Through our tailor made incubation program, you will have access to business advisory and mentorship through a dedicated team of experienced entrepreneurs to help provide in depth and personalized advice. In addition to supporting you in finding the right co-founder and building the your team.

Post MVP Growth

Through LabEight* Ventures, we will ensure we find the right acceleration and partnership paths for you. Whether it's through access to capital, customers or partnerships. We will help you devise the right strategy that can bring success to your most ambitious venture.

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How the program works

Onboarding process

Prior to program kick-off, LabEight* Studio will run discovery workshops with the startup to design the curriculum, identify resources needed and define the program fees.

  • Ideation and Discovery leading to MVP solution design
  • Identify Product/MVP development timeline
  • Define program fees
  • Onboard team of analysts, designers, developers, managers, advisors and EIRs
  • Kick-off program and MVP development

What's next

Once the MVP is developed a pilot is identified powered by the product, the LabEight* Studio will support the startup with the following:

  • Acceleration: Identify and recommend the right accelerator program from LabEight* existing programs.
  • Pilots: The business development team will hunt for potential pilot projects for the startup.
  • Partnerships and Investment: The venture team facilitates introductions with potential angel investors and partners who would be be able to support the startup with growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the aim of the program?

The aim of this program is to nurture ideas and turn them into investment ready businesses. Idea stage and very early stage companies struggle with the “come back when you have traction” investment problem. The aim of the program is to help you build that product and get the traction you need opening doors for angel investment. All while ensuring you minimize mistakes and problems that young founders struggle with by surrounding them with experienced developers, analysts, entrepreneurs and advisors.

Do I need to have an existing product?

No you don’t have to have a product! We encourage idea stage and first time founders to apply as they are the ones the benefit the most from this program.

Is this program for me?

This program is great for founders at idea stage, and for early stage startups looking to revamp their existing product and develop a scalable solution. In addition, you have to be coachable and open to the advice of the LabEight* team and the mentors and EIRs.

How big should my team be?

We welcome teams of all sizes. Whether you are a solo founder or a group of co-founders, through our CxO matchmaking program we will help you find your next partner and will also help you setup your full team.

Do you provide investment?

No we do not provide investment with our early stage Studio program. Upon completing the 8-week program we will connect you with accelerator programs and angel investors who provide you with capital to support the growth of the company.

What's the story behind the name LabEight*?

The firm name is a throw back to the beginning, the time when processors were only capable of processing an 8 bit integer (think Nintendo). Our name is a testament to how long out team has been developing innovative software that moves the needle.

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After applying, please allow us 48 hours for our analysts to review your application and if it's a potential fit for the program, they will reach out to schedule an introductory call to learn more.

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