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LabEight* is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage tech companies through LaunchPad Accelerator.


With our Syndicate, we invest and partner with entrepreneurs to increase their chance of success. We do this by providing access to markets and operational knowledge.

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LabEight* Capital exclusively supports investment in early stage startups across Africa with ticket sizes of USD 125k.


Our Syndicate provides investors with deals that are selected, highly vetted and shared by the LabEight* Capital Partners, with 3.5X targeted returns.

Our Portfolio


LabEight* Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in socially conscious founders and products that are positioned to fundamentally change existing markets or create new markets.


We take an active, hands-on approach that leverages our entrepreneurial and growth expertise through our Launchpad Accelerator as one of our innovative pipelines.

FAQ for Investors

Why LabEight* Capital?

We are founder friendly and tech focused. We provide a short process (1-2 months) and support with raising further capital.

What is the benefit of a Syndicate?

Deal flow and convenience. The LabEight* Capital fund manager sources vetted startups, negotiates deal terms, performs due diligence, writes the deal memo, hosts the webinars, and advising the SPV.

What’s an SPV?

SPV stands for Special Purpose Vehicle. We will create a new SPV for each deal presented. The structure of the SPV is an LLC.

If I choose to invest will my name be on the company’s Cap Table?

No. As a syndicate backer, you are investing in membership units of the SPV, which invests in the company on behalf of its members.

What is the Set-Up Fee?

There is no cost to be part of the Syndicate, but if you choose to participate in a deal, the setup and diligence fee per deal is approximately $8k which is split across all members and covers the creation and management of the SPV.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

Minimums range from $1,000 – $10,000 per deal, largely dependent upon the size of the allocation. On average, the minimum is $3,000.

What is carry?

“Carry” is short for carried interest which is a share of the profits. Carry for the Syndicate is 20%. Carry is paid to the fund manager for negotiating deal terms, performing due diligence, writing a deal memo, hosting a webinar, and advising the SPV.

Example: You invest $10,000 in a fund, and the fund manager charges 20% carry. After a successful exit, your distribution is $100,000. The fund manager takes 20% of your profits—total distribution, minus initial investment ($100,000 – $10,000), or $90,000. Since 20% of 90,000 is 18,000, you walk away with $72,000 profit.

Can you give me an idea of how many deals I should expect to see from LabEight* Capital each month?

The goal is to send one deal per month.

Can I participate as a foreign resident?

Yes, you may participate as a foreign investor as long as you meet the U.S. SEC accreditation requirements.

Is there a portal I can log into to see previous deals?

No, we currently send all deal memos via email.

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