Build your product, scale to the world.

LabEight* is a venture studio that supports entrepreneurs and businesses taking their products to market and help them lift-off.

Build your product, scale and reach $1M in revenue.

LabEight* co-invests with both brilliant Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs who are looking to setup a lean & agile team, quickly iterate & learn from their customers and grow & evolve their product.


We help deliver technology services at extremely competitive rates, thus becoming long-term partners.


It’s simple really, we are your interim CTO, CMO, Head of Product, Growth Hacker & Barista if need be.

We build MVPs and launch products for a living.

Be part of a tailor made and personalized incubation program that will not only help you build your MVP/Product, but also help you define your business model, design your go-to-market strategy and raise funds from investors.


Hit your launch date and reach your multi-million dollar target with a partner that builds companies for a living, launched tens of startups and enjoyed multiple exits.


Be lean and agile, iterate quickly and learn from your customers. Key elements that you will never get from a traditional agency.

Our Model*

It's simple really, we are your interim CTO, CXO & Barista until lift-off.

We are your advisors helping you every step of the way to launch your product.

Competitive rates, combined with top-notch quality

As long-term partners, we have vested interest in your growth through the tailor-made incubator program

We remain active partners, until you are ready to fly

High quality entrepreneurial management teams

Ideas with a scalable market opportunity

Start ups with solid business models

Opportunity for significant value creation


Branding & Design

Technology Development

Marketing & Growth

Advisory & Access to funds

Why LabEight*

We understand that not all entrepreneurs are developers, they are visionaries of industry & need the right partner that can help them build a product, advise on market strategies & help accelerate the business.

Running a company can be lonely sometimes; all you need is a partner that just gets it.

Every entrepreneur will share their horror stories with the different developers & tech consultants they worked with until they found THE ONE. A process that costs them tens of thousands of dollars.

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    Our programs*

    LabEight* Studio

    A software development studio that works with Entrepreneurs helping them build their products, quickly iterate and grow at extremely competitive rates.

    LabEight* Operations

    An Incubator program & venture initiative that works with organisations and startups in bringing their products to market and help them lift-off.

    LabEight* Capital

    We are creating a growth solution for early to mid-stage ventures seeking capital, who value profitability, ownership, and optionality.

    Let's talk*

    We understand that you may not have answers for all our questions, but by opening up a conversation, together we will be able to brainstorm the solution you would like to build, help you think about your model and much more!

    Fill out the startup intro form linked below, and we’ll take it from there.

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